'We have to develop technology from a digital manufacturing perspective'

September 8, 2022
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Jendamark is a front-runner in developing EV component assembly solutions for the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. Here’s EV Story’s Aditi Kelkar in conversation with Jendamark India CEO, Himanshu Jadhav, talking about his vision for EVerything EV in near future.

Himanshu Jadhav

What is your vision for EV in India and the world over?

EV in India on a whole eco-system level is at a nascent stage, I feel. Yes, there is a lot of buzz since past few years, but only the last 2 years have seen the real action on ground. There is a huge pull in the market with a growth of 100% in 2W and 3W. Electric public transportation and cargo is getting traction due to government tenders and purchases. On the technology side, I feel it’s still evolving. While this is great for all the EV players, one also has to be cautious. The market is seeing lots of transformation. Shared mobility companies getting into manufacturing, charging companies and battery makers getting into delivery and delivery companies getting into manufacturing. This is all disruptive and experimental. The long-term is definitely encouraging. Those able to lead through sustainable innovations and with financial stability will sustain and grow.

How do you think you are positively affecting the environment every day?

At Jendamark, we build machines and assembly lines. We create unique, innovative, customized, cost effective and energy efficient solutions. It’s one thing to create a product once off, but a totally different ball game when it comes to making a product like ours which has to remain functional and efficient for a long period. It’s on these machines and lines that our customers shall continue making their products for years. So, the onus is on us to make our projects more efficient and sustainable. In our day-to-day life, we take small steps each day to reduce our impact in a negative way on the environment. Using solar, efficient lighting systems with motion sensors, planting local eco-friendly plantations in Jendamark, farming around the company within the premises, using faucets to reduce water consumption, rain water harvesting, using Sewage treatment systems are some of the measures taken to live more sustainably at Jendamark.

From a thought leadership perspective, how do you aim to impact the future?

Like we always say at Jendamark, our impact will NOT JUST BE TO GET BIGGER BUT BETTER in whatever we do. And in the future, we plan to not just get better but also BOLDER. We have to develop technology from a digital manufacturing perspective into the future in our eco-system. India is known for its softwares and IT systems but very little is being done in digital transformation in the manufacturing sector. The industry sector contributes to 25% of GDP, which agriculture is 20%. The rest about 55% is services.

We strongly believe that a HUMAN CENTRIC approach that we have adopted in our INDUSTRY 4.0 platform called ODIN eco-system (www.odinmanufacutring.io) is the right way forward for the future. While acknowledging our growing population, we have to use it as our strength. Making solutions which make humans work more efficiently is the right thing to do.

According to you, what are the more realistic and easily achievable SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) with the use of EVs?

It costs 1/10th to run an EV (2W and 3W). The economics for the end user are easy. For sure we need to work and optimize the Lithium mining, post 1st life usage of batteries and eventuality the end-of-life disposal of cells. But we cannot sit on the fence looking at these issues and continue fossil fuel exploitation. We cannot ignore the impact even extracting these fuels, transporting these to our fuel stations and eventually the usage and release of harmful gases it has on our ecosystem.

Any message you want to convey to those who are still contemplating the switch to EV?

JUST do it. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge. You are always only 1 decision away from making a big difference so now is the time as our time is running out.

Give us a quote by you or one by another leader that inspires you to live more sustainably daily.

Don’t just get bigger but better each day, and then not just better but bolder!

On World EV Day today, what role do you think EVs will play in achieving sustainability?

The Indian EV industry has had a tremendous start. While the opportunities are aplenty and the Government is pushing with great incentives, the time has come for industry to stand up and deliver. None other sector has ever got some much going for it and have yet made a success story with less or no support. We have to come up with solid strong solid sustainable solutions and lay the foundations on which the EV Story can be build up in the coming years.

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Aditi is an automotive enthusiast with a soft corner for the EV niche. She's a Computer Engineer who eventually found her literary artistic calling in an Imitiaz Ali-esque way. Her published book 'Moving Mumbai' is a collection of short stories and street photographs composed from the POV of a romantic new-girl-in-the-city. Aditi has written and sung 2 Hindi singles: 'Baarish' and 'Pao Kilo Adrak' which are available on popular music streaming apps. In her spare time, she consumes dog videos and scrumptious food that she cooks. She walks the fine line between insightful and incite-ful and is known to enjoy a good whiskey on a bad day. Ex-Mirchi, Ex-ad agencies (Mumbai circuit).

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